The project

Sciebo is a non-commercial cloud storage service for research, studying and teaching. It allows for automatic data synchronization from various devices ("Sync"), and the joint work on documents ("Share"). The service is provided for students and employees of the participating institutions exclusively.

  • Consortium lead: IT Center (Zentrum für Informationsverarbeitung, ZIV) of Münster University
  • Locations: Münster, Bonn, Duisburg-Essen
  • Participants: to date 10 universities, 19 universities of applied sciences and 1 research centre in NRW
  • Potential users: 500,000 people
  • Storage volume: 5 petabytes
  • Software: Open Source ownCloud (Enterprise version)
  • Hardware: 5 IBM (now Lenovo) GPFS Storage Server GSS26