Web Interface

Editing Files Simultaneously

In the web interface, you can edit files together with other sciebo users of your institution. The prerequisite is that the file is shared with all of them and that the appropriate editing rights have been assigned. Simultaneous editing offers simultaneous access to text, presentation and spreadsheet documents, a review function (visual marking of edited elements), a comment function, and a chat function.

Notes on Simultaneous Editing

  • Unfortunately, simultaneous editing is currently not possible with persons from other universities or guest accounts.
  • A co-edited document is only synchronised via the client when you close the editor.
  • Simultaneous editing may only be carried out via the web interface. Parallel editing via the desktop client leads to conflicts when saving.
  • The undo/redo function cannot be used.

The number of users currently editing the document is displayed at the top right of the control bar. Click on the user symbol to find out the names of the persons editing the document.