Set Up & Overview

Set Up

  1. Download the sciebo app from the AppStore and open it.
  2. Enter the server address of your institution. Click on "Continue" and again on "Continue".
  3. Allow sciebo to access "" by clicking on "Continue". You will now be taken to the sciebo login page for your institution.
  4. Enter your sciebo user name ( and password. Click on the small arrow next to the login data.
  5. Click on "Authorise" to allow the sciebo app to access your account. You will now be taken back to the app.
  6. Select your account to access your data.


The sciebo app has three main navigation points:

  • Files: Here you can see all the files and folders you have saved in sciebo. (This is only a view mode, i.e. the data is not automatically downloaded to your smartphone).
  • Quick Access: Here you can see your data sorted by certain characteristics (e.g. data shared with you, data shared by you or also different file types).
  • Status: Here you can see all current synchronisation and update activities.