Functions for Perfect Teamwork

With sciebo you can share documents with university members and external project partners. The document editor also allows you to work simultaneously on text, spreadsheet and presentation documents


If you want to make files or folders accessible to other people who also use sciebo, you can easily share them via the web interface. You can see an overview of the data you have shared with others in the web interface under "Files shared by me". Data that has been shared with you can be seen under "Files shared with me".

Sharing via Link

If you want to make data accessible to people, all or some of whom do not use sciebo, you can share the file or folder via link. You will find all shared links in the web interface under "Shared via link".

Editing Simultaneously

In the web interface, you can edit files together with other sciebo users of your institution. The prerequisite is that the file is shared with all of them and that the appropriate editing rights have been assigned. Simultaneous editing offers simultaneous access to text, presentation and spreadsheet documents, a review function (visual marking of edited elements), a comment function, and a chat function.